About Us

Earth Inspired Yumminess

Yummy Chef US is a one-stop shop, offering products with exclusive recipes and premium quality ingredients. We offer delicious options for you to enjoy at any occasion, bringing flavors from all over the world to our customers, with a wide variety hard to find somewhere else. Our commitment is to deliver high quality food that is prepared with love.


Luciana and Percy have known each other for over 30 years, although they have never had children, Luciana’s boys are like sons to Percy.

The couple has started a home-based vegan food business called Esfihas Brazil, which became a success amongst the vegan customers and their Brazilian friends who live in the Austin area. If you never heard about it,

"SFIHAS" (also known as fatayer) are a savory filled bread or flatbread, a traditional dish from Lebanon, in Syria, that also became very popular in Brazil, brought by Arabian immigrants in the late 19ths. 

Esfihas Brazil became Yummy Chef in July 2020, with an ambitious life project: a new logo, a new name and a professional kitchen built in Georgetown TX. Because of their respect for individual choices, we have also created an exclusive vegan product line, with a variety of flavor options. Yummy Chef’s main commitment is to continuously explore ways to create food that accommodates the different diets, restrictions and preferences.

We also believe in making a positive impact in the world we live in, that is why we donate a percentage of our profits to organizations focused on education, minorities, and other social causes. 

Yummy Chef is an interesting combination of love, caring and producing great food!



Our Mission

To bring a flavorful "back home" gastronomic experience to our beloved customers and make a positive impact in the world through cooking great food.

Our Vision

Be recognized as one of the leaders in the comfort food for shipping segment in the USA by 2025.

Our Values

Quality, energy, innovation, integrity and detail oriented work.


Visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page to learn more about the causes we help through your purchases.