Sweets by Yummy Chef

Brigadeiros (25 units)

Sweets by Yummy Chef

Choose between 9 different flavors. 
Minimum order: 25 units per flavor.


Milk Chocolate Brigadeiro - Milk chocolate Brigadeiro rolled in Belgian milk chocolate sprinkles.

Coconut Brigadeiro - White chocolate coconut Brigadeiro rolled in unsweetened coconut flakes.

Dark Chocolate Brigadeiro - Dark chocolate, Brigadeiro rolled in Belgian dark chocolate sprinkles.

Creme Brulé Brigadeiro - Vanilla crème Brigadeiro rolled in a layer of caramelized sugar.

Churros Brigadeiro - Dulce de Leche Brigadeiro rolled in a layer of sugar and cinnamon coat.

Duet Brigadeiro - Combination of milk and white chocolate Brigadeiros rolled in a layer of sugar coat.

Strawberry Brigadeiro - Strawberry Brigadeiro rolled in a layer of sugar coat.

Walnut Brigadeiro - White chocolate and walnut Brigadeiro rolled in a layer of shredded walnut.

Pistachio Brigadeiro - White chocolate and pistachio Brigadeiro rolled in a layer of shredded pistachio.



Milk Chocolate Brigadeiro: Cocoa, Milk, Sugar, Butter.

Coconut Brigadeiro: Unsweetened Coconut, Sugar, Milk Butter.

Dark Chocolate Brigadeiro: 100% Cocoa, Milk, Sugar, Butter.

Creme Brulé Brigadeiro: Vanilla Extract, White Chocolate, Milk, Sugar, Butter.

Churros Brigadeiro: Milk, Sugar, Butter, Cinnamon.

Duet Brigadeiro: Cocoa, Milk, Butter, Sugar.

Strawberry Brigadeiro: Fresh Strawberry Jam, Milk, Butter, Sugar, Strawberry Crispearls.

Walnut Brigadeiro: Walnut, Milk, Butter, Sugar.

Pistachio Brigadeiro: Pistachio, Milk, Butter, Sugar.